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ETHICAL STUDIES (incorporating religious education)



Ethical Studies helps students to develop their opinions by presenting them with topics that will challenge their perception of how they fit into the world around them. The course combines Religious Education, Citizenship, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and Ethics (knowledge of moral principles). It enables students to develop relevant knowledge, skills and understanding in these areas in order to have informed views and be able to make informed moral decisions. It therefore prepares them well for life in the modern world. Students’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education is important to all of us at The Weston Road Academy, and the cross-curricular, collaborative nature of the subject is something we are excited about. All students in Years 7-11 have one lesson per week of Ethical Studies.

Curriculum Structure




In Key Stage 3, students develop their ability to understand, analyse and synthesise information and consider ethical and religious issues in a variety of topics including Relationships; Being British; Crime; Drugs, Alcohol and Respect.


In Key Stage 4, the subjects are more challenging but appropriate to the students’ age. We tackle Media and Culture; War and Conflict; Politics and Parenthood. Some of these topics may be research based, which will encourage students to develop their own path through a topic and present their considered opinions to the class.

There are topics that specifically look at Religious Education and faith for both Key Stages. They are clearly identified in the programme for Ethical Studies and a parental right of withdrawal exists for these topics.

The Academy follows the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

 Scheme of Learning - PSHE

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