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History department



Departmental staff will keep a record of all marks achieved by the students. This will include exercises done in books, test pieces, and built-in assessment tasks.


Key Stage 3 National Curriculum based assessments, and Key Stage 4 OCR/ Key Stage 5 AQA exam based assessments are given half-termly.


KS3 – Regular assessment trawls (twice annually).

KS4 - Regular INSET given. All members of the department moderate controlled assessment of a range of ability. CPD given on exam skills.

This takes place during twilight, and INSET day(s.)

KS5 – all coursework - HOD


Informal classroom observation and discussion with students; on going unit exercises; half-termly specific classroom tests. Student self-evaluation of work is to be encouraged and developed using SAIL. All exercises completed must be marked either by staff or a student assessment exercise.

Marking: (Including reward systems)

It is department policy to reward and praise students as often as possible. It is important to be generous when students achieve:

General schoolwork and homework (when teacher time allows) should be marked regularly with particular emphasis placed on presentation of work (date, title, underlining in pencil and ruler), a combined effort/standard grade given. A standardised quantification of these grades follows:

Excellent (E): Excellent presentation. All work set by teacher has been completed (perhaps with extension work.) Answers/work shows a thorough understanding (to a level comparable with student ability.) Subject specific spelling is all correct. Effort has clearly been made with punctuation/grammar.

Good (G): Well presented. A objective reached and work completed or nearly completed. Subject specific spelling is good.

Satisfactory (S): An average standard piece of work by the student. Largely complete & understanding shown. A few mistakes made.

Poor (P): Below the standard expected of the student. Work is incomplete or rushed to a poor standard.

Standardised department assessments are marked in the following manner:

Key Stage 3 assessments – students are given a National Curriculum-based level, and a development target.

Key Stage 4 assessments – students are given a GCSE-based grade and a development target for grade enhancement.

A regular system of knowledge based tests are also given, and a displayed league table competition employed to encourage competition/motivation.

History department marking ethos encourages the view that all assessment (and in particular test-based assessment) should be explained to all students to enhance appreciation of progress. Where possible positive comments should be used to encourage students to learn from mistakes and develop a willingness to improve their work.

As students progress through the school a greater awareness of the skills in history should become clear. Students need to be clear in what they are being assessed against.

Lesson objectives should be stated at the onset to enable students to understand their success or failure in achieving those objectives.

Target setting is to be encouraged then to fulfil objectives.


Mark books/spreadsheets to be used as an important basis to record student achievement. However, feedback in discussion with students should also promote a more definitive picture of individual personal attitudes. If appropriate this should be recorded too – providing help for course and teaching evaluation, plus facilitating accurate student progress reports to parents. 

History Schemes of Learning

Key Stage 3

Year 7 Scheme of Learning

Year 8 Scheme of Learning

Year 9 Scheme of Learning


Key Stage 4

Overview of Nazi History - KS4 Scheme of Learning

Overview of Weimar Germany - KS4 Scheme of Learning

Year 11 Overview - British Depth Study Paper 2 Scheme of Learning

Year 12 Overview - France in Revolution Scheme of Learning

Year 13 Overview - Crisis of State Scheme of Learning 


Staff List

The teaching and support staff are currently:

Mr S Brown Subject Leader in History

Mrs S Crichton Teacher of History

Mrs J Silverwood Teacher of History