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Year 7 Settling In Survey Feedback

The results from the annual Year 7 Settling In Survey have remained very positive.  The results clearly indicate that Year 7 have settled into Academy life very well. Pupils have adjusted to the larger Academy environment and the daily routine of secondary school very well, over 93.8% said they have managed fine or better with the transition from primary school. 95.1% of pupils said the Academy was a good school to be at. 97.3% of pupils agreed that they were taught well and that their teachers expected them to work hard. Pupils also highlighted that they felt that they were now trusted to be more independent (93.3%) and complete tasks without staff input. Pupils also reported to be much happier with managing their homework with a rise to 75.8% from 54.7% in 2015. There was also a rise in response to the questions about being organised

This year saw a slight decrease in the pupils managing to use the Show My Homework website, well down from 78.5% to 71.8% so tutors of Year 7 will be making sure all pupils know how to use the Show My Homework website. There was also a decrease in the rating of the food available to buy down from 79.1% to 68.1% so again this will be highlighted to the catering staff to see if there can be any changes made.

We value pupil feedback and we thank all Year 7 pupils in the canteen for taking part in the survey.


Year 7 Reflections

Mrs Lambert also spoke to a number of Year 7’s to see how they were settling in to life at Weston Road and to find out about all the new and exciting things they had done since starting in September. It was no surprise that one of the first comments all the students made was about the size of the school compared to the primary schools they had gone to, most of the pupils interviewed found this very daunting to begin with but quickly learnt where each of the departments were based and were helped by their tutors and teachers in the first few weeks to make sure they went to the right classrooms and now have no problems finding the right rooms.

The pupils also commented that moving to be with different teachers for different subjects was great and had led to some really enjoyable lessons with specialist teachers with Art, Music D&T and PE being firm favourites amongst the pupils interviewed. The group were also looking forward to the residential trip to Boreatton Park, which they hope will enable them to make even more friends and improve their teamwork skills. The pupils commented on the number of new friends from different primary schools they have made since joining Weston Road. Pupils were extremely happy with the number of extra-curricular activities, especially sports club on a Wednesday. All the pupils said that they have really enjoyed their first few weeks here and are confident they will feel the same for the next 5 years.