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LEXIA Strategies

‘Lexia Strategies’ and ‘Lexia Core5’ are offered in conjunction with the SEND department and trained facilitators. It has been specifically selected, to be used as part of the Learning Support Department’s Intervention Programme. Aimed at struggling readers in year 7 and above, who are having difficulty with accessing fundamental literacy skills. 

Lexia Strategies & Core5 are aimed at addressing attainment in-consistencies in yr 7 and above and makes effective use of Pupil Premium Funding.

Delays in attainment may have occurred for any number of reasons, for instance delays in reaching the requisite levels may have been due to frequent changes of school at keystages 1/2 or frequent absences leading to a phonological/decoding skills gap. Lexia aims to fill the gaps in knowledge so all students have a chance to be on a level playing field academically.

Using a simple, age-appropriate interface, the program begins with an auto-placement skills test to ascertain the appropriate level. The incorporated interventions cover basic phonological awareness, using a range of skill set levels to advance decoding skills, vocabulary development, and comprehension activities.

Students work independently to develop reading & sentence construction skills in a structured, sequential manner while Lexia facilitators/teachers receive the data and resources they need to support intervention and direct instruction where it is required.

Lexia aims to:

  • Engage and motivate students in a mature, age-appropriate environment.  
  • Provides progress-monitoring data without administering complex tests.  
  • Accessible via iPad, Android tablets, Chromebook, browser, or download.

Personalized Learning

Lexia is built around the specific needs of each struggling learner. This solution utilizes adaptive, personalized learning to help students develop fundamental literacy skills through a range of content. Covering basic phonological awareness through to advanced decoding skills, vocabulary development, and comprehension activities.

Based on student responses, the instructional intensity is differentiated to accelerate reading skills development. Real-time data is sent to the facilitator, fueling customized skills-based lesson plans based on each student's needs. Using the program's embedded assessment, teachers can focus on personalized instruction without having to stop to administer a test.

 Assessment Without Testing

Students have individualized learning paths and are motivated by their own success.


In ‘Lexia Strategies’ or ‘Core5’, student data is easy to access and simple to interpret. While students are working independently on the online activities, Lexia’s patented embedded assessment system, ‘Assessment Without Testing®’ provides educators with immediate and actionable diagnostic performance data without interrupting the flow of instruction for a test event. 

This lowers dependencies on assessments and saves up to a month of instructional time. Data reports can be accessed by administrators and educators on a browser, iPad app, or iPhone app and are available at a student, class, grade, school, and district level.

Prioritize Allocation of Time and Resources

With access to detailed reports of school, grade, class, and student data, educators can make informed decisions by monitoring student progress and planning instruction based on students’ skill level and need, helping to prioritize limited time and resources.  

The My Lexia reports provide links to targeted resources to ensure that the appropriate skill gaps are being addressed, when students are struggling. 

Independent, Student-Driven Learning

Lexia Strategies enables struggling readers to work at their own pace to develop the key foundational literacy skills, they need to re-integrate in order to make progress in both literacy and content-area learning. While students work independently on online activities, detailed progress data is collected in the background. This allows educators to provide real-time analysis of skill strengths and weaknesses and differentiate face-to-face instruction and produce worksheets designed to address any deficiencies and consolidate learning.

Individualized, Motivating Learning Paths

In Lexia Strategies & Core5, students are automatically placed at the correct skill level and progress independently to higher levels with more complex content based on skill mastery. If a student struggles in a particular activity, Strategies provide a level of scaffolding, removing some of the answer choices and stimuli on the screen.

Once the student demonstrates that they understand the correct skills during the scaffolded level, they then have the opportunity to try the initial activity again. If the student continues to struggle, the teacher is aware from the skill-set data and provides the data and resources for direct, explicit instruction on that particular sub-skill.

Lexia Strategies develops literacy skills through an engaging, mature program interface that is designed specifically for students needing additional support.  

The activities incorporate high utility words and academic vocabulary with age-appropriate topics while students develop the skills necessary to become successful decoders of literacy.  

Since students' learning within the program is self-directed, they can choose which activities to complete as they work through the rigorous scope and sequence.

 Resources for Instruction & Practice

With Lexia Strategies, teachers have the resources they need to provide direct and focused intervention. As students work independently on the online activities, real time performance data is collected through Lexia’s embedded assessment.

Based on this data, Strategies recommends specific offline materials to use in both independent and group face-to-face instruction.  

Lexia Lessons

Lexia Lessons are scripted materials that allow teachers to provide explicit, multi-sensory instruction in specific skill areas. The Lexia sessions are automatically recommended by the Head of SEND for struggling students based on their performance in the online activities and can be delivered in a variety of ways, such as individual or small-group instruction within the classroom or during pull-out intervention with a specialist.  

Skill Builders

When a student successfully completes an online activity in Strategies, the program provides a set of written activities designed to reinforce and extend the learning. Lexia Skill Builders can be incorporated into classroom routines or used for home practice to build independence, increase automaticity and expand expressive skills. Advice and guidance can be provided for this via your child’s Lexia Facilitator.

Efficacy Results

Helping Students Meet Grade-Level Expectations and Close the Gap 

Lexia examined the performance of more than 210,000 students across the country who met their usage goals using Lexia Reading Core5.  

  • Of the 45,000 students who were classified as high risk, three-quarters gained at least two years of grade-level skills and half of those students gained three years of skills in just one year.
  • One-third of students classified as on target gained more than two years of grade-level skills, completing their current grade-level in Lexia Reading Core5 and advancing through the entire next grade-level of material. These gains were not just limited to Lexia’s own instructional benchmarks. Their success translated into improved performance in other common assessments such as Aimsweb, DIBELS Next, MAP, and STAR. 


Among students who placed more than two years behind grade-level in Lexia Core5 (defined as high-risk), 76% of those students who used the program as designed gained at least two grade-levels of skills in one year.  

Over one-third of students who began the year in grade-level materials completed their current grade level in Lexia Reading Core5 and advanced through the next grade level, equating to gaining two years of reading skills in one year.

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