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Our Governing Board is made up of a group of individuals from both the Academy and the wider community.  The role of the Academy Governing Board is to provide strategic leadership, accountability and to act as a critical friend.

The Governing Board meets at least three times a year, and establishes an overall framework for the governance of the Academy and determines Membership, Terms of Reference and Procedure for Sub-Committees. the Full Governing Board delegates policy forming powers to the appropriate Sub-Committee.

The three Sub-Committees are the Finance and Premises Committee, Curriculum and Standards Committee and Staffing Committee.  The Term of Office for Governors, with the exception of the Headteacher, is four years. 

The Academy has the following Governor Categories, as per the Articles of Association and Funding Agreement:-

  • The Headteacher
  • Governors (up to 3) - who are appointed by the Academy Trust
  • Community Governors (up to 3) - Co-opted by the Academy Trust
  • Parent Governors (not less than 2 and up to 6) – elected by parents
  • Staff Governors (up to 3) – elected by staff, representing teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Student Associate Governors

The term of office for our Governors is 4 years.

Scheme of Delegation 2018-2019

Contacting Our Chair of Governors

Dr Andrew Hind, Chair of Governors can be contacted on the details below:

Dr Andrew Hind

C/O The Weston Road Academy,

Blackheath Lane,


ST18 0YG


Please click on the link below for the Register of Pecuniary Interest, Governor Meeting Attendance and on each of the Governor's names in the table below to view their profile.

Register of Pecuniary Interest 2017/18

Governor Meeting Attendance 2014-15

Governor Meeting Attendance 2015-16

Governor Meeting Attendance 2016-17

Governor Meeting Attendance 2017-18

 The Weston Road Academy's Governing BoARD Membership 

 Where the name of the Governor is highlighted blue, please click on their name to see their pen portrait.

Name Of Governor

Governor Category

Term of Office commenced for a Period of 4 Years

Position Of Responsibility, Committees and Links

The Academy Trust

Mr David Moore



Academy Trust - Chair

Mr Martin Fiddler



Academy Trust Member


Mrs A Kingman




Curriculum & Standards Committee

Finance & Premises Committee

Staffing Committee

Governors Appointed by the Academy Trust (up to 3 members) One Vacancy

Mr John Heath

Governor Appointed by the Academy Trust

Commenced October 2016

Staffing Committee (Chair)

Finance & Premises Committee

Link: Data, AIP, GAP, Careers Group, Careers mentoring

Governors Co-opted by the Governing Board (Up to 3 members)

Mr Paul Glover

Governor Co-opted by The Academy Trust

Commenced September 2014

Finance & Premises Committee

Staffing Committee

Previously Parent Governor

Link: Staff & Careers Group

Mrs Baljit Saini-Pickford

Community Governor Co-opted by the Governing Board

Commenced December 2018


Parent Governors (Between 2 and 6 members) One Vacancy

Mr Jerry Archer

Parent Governor

Commenced December 2014

Curriculum and Standards Committee

Link: Safeguarding, Careers, Sixth Form, Underperforming Departments & Staffordshire Partnership

Other groups and areas of activity: Governors Action Plan, Careers & Career Mentoring

Major Dougie Craig

Parent Governor

Commenced December 2014

Vice Chair of Governing Board

Finance & Premises Committee

Link: Health and Safety and Premises & Sixth Form

Dr Andrew Hind

Parent Governor

Commenced October 2016

Chair of Governing Board (from Sept 2017)

Finance & Premises Committee

Curriculum & Standards Committee

Staffing Committee

Link: Data, AIP, Teaching and Learning  

Mr Andy Jackson

Parent Governor


March 2016

Finance & Premises Committee (Chair)

Link: Data and AIP

Mrs Louise Lewis

Parent Governor

Commenced March 2016

Curriculum & Standards Committee (Chair)

Link: Data, AIP, Key Groups, SEND & Careers Group

Staff Governors (Up to 3 members) – one vacancy

Mrs Lynn Jones

Staff Governor

Commenced April 2017

Curriculum and Standards Committee

Mrs Dee Vijayan

Staff Governor

Commenced December 2018



Governor and Sub-Committee Meetings

Governors Meeting Calendar 2018 -19