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Year 7 Transitions

We understand that your child's transition into secondary school education can be a source of stress and concern. We aim to make the process as smooth as we possibly can for the pupils and for parents too.

Throughout the course of Years 5 and 6, pupils will have the opportunity to visit The Weston Road Academy, to take part in various activities such as ICT workshops, video conferences and taster lessons. These sessions are a chance for pupils to get used to their future surroundings and facilities. In addition, we have a full Induction Day for Year 6 pupils in July each year. This is a chance for pupils to experience a full day with us, so they know what to expect when they come to us in September. Pupils are given a special timetable and chaperoned by Year 11 Prefects as they become accustomed to life at The Weston Road Academy.

We also have a Parents Evening each June; this evening is a chance for parents to ask any questions they may have, and most importantly to meet their child's tutor. The evening is a parents only event, so please try to come alone if possible. During the evening parents will also be introduced to the pastoral team who will be taking care of the year group, have the chance to sample school meals, and view samples of the uniform. 

Key Dates

The key dates for pupil transitions during 2016-17 are as follows:

2017/18 Academic Year

1st March 2017


Secondary School Offers Published

20th June 2017 New Intake Parent's Evening
5th July 2017

Year 6 Full Day Taster Visit

Key Dates 2017/18 Academic Year

 Tuesday 26th September 2017 Open Evening (6-8pm)
 Monday 2nd October 2017 Open Morning (9.15am)
 Tuesday 3rd October 2017 Open Morning (9.15am)

Transition Booklets

Each year we distribute 'Moving On' booklets to all Y6 future pupils and their parents. Please click on the files below to view samples of these booklets.

Transition Booklet for Parents

Transition Booklet for Pupils

 WRA Catchment Area Map