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Mathematics is a subject that we all need, we all use and we all enjoy to varying degrees.

At Weston Road, we aim to develop the mathematical abilities of all our students to enable them to leave the Academy with the skills they need for further study and employment and to give them the opportunity to lead fulfilling and enriching lives. From having the numeracy skills required for day to day life through to manipulating abstract algebra, there is a point where everyone finds this subject difficult. It is our role to support our students so they are continually challenged and simultaneously supported to overcome any difficulties by working with us both in and out of lessons.

Additional information about the mathematics curriculum followed at the Academy can be obtained from Mr N Everill (Subject Leader/KS5 and 4) or Ms A Scott (Assistant Subject Leader/KS3).


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Approach to the curriculum: 


All students follow a 5 year program of study that will culminate with their GCSE exam.

  • Students are set in Year 7 and 8 across two half year groupings. From Year 9 onwards, students are set across the whole year group.
  • In Years 7-9, students follow either the Extension, Core or Support scheme dependant on their ability. From the start of Year 10 they will then follow the Higher or Foundation scheme. 

 List of the courses available to students at key stage 4, including GCSEs: 

  • GCSE Mathematics. 

16 to 19 qualifications offered: 

  • A Level Mathematics
  • AS Level Further Mathematics

16 to 19 study programme requirements: 

  • Those who are successful at GCSE and would like to continue their studies in this subject can chose to take A Level Mathematics as part of the Sixth Form.
  • AS Level Further Mathematics is advised for those who make a successful transition to the demands of A Level Mathematics through Year 12. The study of this AS Level can be beneficial for students looking to study Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Economics and other Maths related subjects at University.

 Curriculum structure: 

  • Four 50 minute lessons for all Year 7, 8 and 9 classes per week.
  • This is increased to a daily Mathematics lesson for both Years 10 and 11. 

Homework, assessment and marking: 

  • Homework is set weekly to give students the opportunity to practise their skills regularly. We also subscribe to a number of websites and students are given individual logins which allow them to practise as often as they need to.
  • Students will be tested on a regular basis in order to prepare for their GCSE examinations (this subject is assessed by 100% external examination). Tests will be based on the material delivered during lessons, with an expectation that students are reviewing their class work on a regular basis.
  • Students work will be marked a minimum of every three weeks where individual feedback will be provided on how they can best improve their work. Students will then be expected to respond to this feedback to demonstrate their understanding and progress.

Extra-curricular activities and visits arranged in the subject area: 

  • Students take part in trips, often planned with other departments in order to explore cross-curricular links.
  • The UKMT Maths challenge is offered to our most able students alongside other external competitions such as the National Cypher challenge.
  • We have also sent students to local university sessions held at weekends where they have been able to stretch themselves.
  • Opportunities to take part in World Maths day is also offered alongside internal competitions. 

 Staff within the subject area: 

Mr C Else (Teacher of Mathematics)

Mr N Everill (Assistant Headteacher)

Mr J Hackett (Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO)

Mrs H Harrison (Teacher of Mathematics)

Mrs A Kingman (Headteacher)

Mrs L Pringle (HLTA Mathematics)

Ms A Scott (Subject Leader)

Ms D Vijayan (Teacher of Mathematics)

Mrs C Whittaker (Teacher of Mathematics)