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Most Able Students

Pupils are encouraged to take an active role in making decisions about their own learning choices.  We firmly believe pupils should be given the opportunity to challenge their understanding and inquisitively explore their interests. 

‘Able, gifted and talented’ pupils excel at The Weston Road Academy.  Extra time is provided for pupils to nurture their gift and reach their aspirational targets.  Sporting, musical and artistic talents are cultivated and widely celebrated through a range of extracurricular activities.  Inspiring, extended projects are delivered in curriculum time and there no limits to where pupils take their learning.

Staff facilitate pupils through effective questioning and excellent subject knowledge.  We have created and maintained an ethos where it is ‘OK’ to be bright; high achievement is actively encouraged and celebrated by pupils and staff. 

What do we mean by ‘able, gifted and talented’ (AGT)?

According to the DFE, a “gifted” pupil is one who “has the capacity for or demonstrates high levels of performance in one or more academic areas” and is in the top 5-10% of the pupil population; a “talented” pupil is one who is in the top 5-10% in non-academic areas, such as a physical, artistic or musical talent.

Gifted and talented pupils are those who demonstrate extremely high levels of achievement and extremely rapid rates of learning.   

Why might a teacher nominate a pupil?

If a pupil shows a number of the following characteristics they may be considered to be included on the AGT register.

  • Good reading skills
  • An ability to interpret data/information quickly and effectively
  • Good communicator of ideas
  • Articulate, verbally fluent
  • Intellectual curiosity

What is the provision for AGT?

We aim to ensure –

 In the classroom:

  • High expectations from teachers
  • Ensuring activities are pitched at a challenging level
  • Differentiation of tasks to address higher order skills
  • Effective questioning is used to identify misconceptions and draw out more developed answers.
  • Planned extension activities
  • Provision of open-ended tasks
  • Encouragement of independence and autonomy

Across the whole school: 

  • Effective transition arrangements
  • Opportunities for enrichment and extension built into all schemes of work
  • Opportunities for enrichment days/weeks
  • Use of outside agencies for training and provision, eg Staffordshire University
  • Opportunities to take part in school, local and national competitions 

 Out of school: 

  • Opportunities to join master classes and local universities
  • Opportunities to join enrichment classes

 What if I have any queries?

Please contact The Weston Road Academy AGT co-ordinator John Hackett.