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“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” ― Frank Zappa

The Performing Arts are all around us, we listen to the radio in the car, we watch television and films at home, we take trips to the theatre or attend concerts and gigs.  The arts enrich the quality of our experiences, they inspire, inform, stimulate, challenge and entertain.  Your child could become part of the ever increasing Performing Arts industry whether that be in a performance or a production role. 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

The arts are a powerful form of communication and expression.  Involvement in the arts helps to foster a positive attitude and improves emotional wellbeing.  The Performing Arts develop thinking skills, increasing perception, imagination, creativity and physical co-ordination skills which can be transferred to other areas of experience and learning. 

Music, Drama and Dance enables pupils to define themselves in relation to others, their friends, social groups and to the culture in which they live.  The Performing Arts are an integral part of culture, past and present and will continue to be vehicles of expression through which we can interpret and escape from our ever changing world. 

The Performing Arts Department Aims to:

  • Promote enjoyment of the arts in a vibrant learning environment.
  • Inspire and enthuse students. 
  • Learn through practical Music, Drama and Dance lessons.
  • Develop students socially, morally and culturally.
  • Develop the potential of all students.
  • Promote a positive learning environment where students feel safe to take risks in expressing ideas and opinions.
  • Encourage, nurture and celebrate talent.
  • Over an extensive extra-curricular programme, performance opportunities and experiences.
  • Prepare students for a career in the Performing Arts Industry.


 Performing Arts Department Ethos

To develop the potential of all students through fun, practical Performing Arts lessons.  We provide creative, memorable and inspiring lessons that develop the whole child.  We strive to develop students into fully rounded, creative young adults ready for higher education or employment.


Curriculum structure: 



Students receive one 50 minute lesson each week at KS3.  Topics are changed frequently to engage students.



At KS4 students can choose to study Performing Arts Technical Award, Music GCSE or Music BTEC Award. Courses will run based on uptake each year.


COURSE TITLE: Level 2 BTEC First Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting)

Assessment Details


EXAM LEVEL: Full Course

INTERNAL ASSESSMENT: 75% (External moderation & verification)

EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT: 25% (Written Examination)



The qualification will provide you with a broad foundation which will help enable you to proceed into further training or education, or to consider employment in the performing arts world. The course aims to give you a practical understanding of what a career in the performing arts world can entail, from business to performance, and it has a specific focus on acting.

The qualification consists of one core unit plus a choice of two specialist units. The structure of the course allows you to focus on your talents and interests and explore new areas, such as devising plays, the performing arts business or musical theatre.

The course is rigorously assessed and moderated through a combination of both written and practical assignments.

Where will this qualification take me?

Following completion of the BTEC First Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting), successful candidates may be able to enter into employment, at a junior level, in such careers as an entertainer, actor or stage manager.

Further vocational and academic qualifications

If you achieve an overall pass grade or better in the BTEC First Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting), it is possible for you to progress further to the BTEC First Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting), or to enrol on another Level 2 programme, such as a relevant NVQ, or to move on to a higher level qualification such as a Level 3 BTEC or A level qualifications.



Assessment Details


EXAM LEVEL: Full Course

INTERNAL ASSESSMENT: 60% (Internal &External moderation)

EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT: 40% (Written Examination)


Depending on their interests and skills, pupils will either be entered for the Level 2 BTEC First Certificate in Music which is a course designed for those pupils who have a strong interest in the music industry and have a less traditional musical background or the GCSE in Music.

Studying Music should: 

  • Encourage pupils to be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study.
  • Develop broader life skills and attributes, including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-motivation.
  • Enable pupils to engage actively in the study of music to develop musical skills and interests, including the ability to make music individually and in groups
  • Enable pupils to understand and appreciate a range of different kinds of music.

For the GCSE and BTEC examination, you will be expected to:

  • Perform music vocally or on an instrument, developing both your skill as a soloist and as a member of a musical ensemble. These will be chosen from a portfolio of performances completed over the three-year course.
  • Compose and sequence pieces of music, which need to be presented in a format appropriate to the style chosen.
  • For the GCSE exam complete a written examination based upon 4 areas of study that include Instrumental Music 1700-1820, Vocal Music, Music for Stage and Screen and Musical Fusions.
  • For the BTEC exam you will complete a written paper based upon a study of the music industry.
  • It is essential that you can either sing with confidence or play a musical instrument.

Where will this qualification take me?

Following completion of the GCSE in Music, successful candidates would be able to enter initial employment, at a junior level, in such areas as music teaching, music publishing or music industry promotions.

Further vocational and academic qualifications

If you achieve a B grade or better in GCSE Music, it is possible for you to progress further to an A level in Music or Music Technology or other equivalent level three qualifications such as a relevant NVQ, or a Level 3 BTEC.




Woodwind Ensemble

Rock Band

Drama Group

Practice and rehearsal spaces are made available at break, lunch and after school.

Students are encouraged to take part in the many performance opportunities offered with highlights being the Christmas concert and annual school production.

There is a strong link with Entrust Music Service with extra-curricular lessons, workshops and events.


Staff List

The teaching and support staff are currently:

Miss S Tarbuck Subject Leader in Performing Arts -

Mr A Potts Teacher of Drama -