The Weston Road Academy

The Weston Road Primary Acedemy
Life at The Weston Road Academy Life at The Weston Road Academy Life at The Weston Road Academy Life at The Weston Road Academy Life at The Weston Road Academy Life at The Weston Road Academy



Mrs A Kingman - Headteacher

Mr M Smith - Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral Care

Mr D Bloor - Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning

Mr N Everill - Assistant Headteacher - Assessment and Data

Mr J Hackett - Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion and Community

Mrs S Hancox - Director of Finance

Extended Leadership Team

Mr C Gibbard - Associate Headteacher - Sixth Form

Mrs Z Breeze - Associate Headteacher - Curriculum - Subject Leader for CDL & Business Studies


Mr D McGurrin - Subject Leader / Director of Fun

Mrs N Tonks Teacher of Art

Mrs T Owen Teacher of Art / Y7 Pastoral Leader


Mrs Z Breeze - Subject Leader / Associate Headteacher

Mrs M Deeming Teacher of CDL

Mrs S Dubiel Teacher of Business/CDL

Mr A Potts


Mrs T Lambert - Subject Leader 

Mr P Fowler Teacher of Technology

Mrs V Merriott Teacher of Technology

Miss L Harper Teacher of Food Technology

Mrs N Tonks Teacher of Art


Ms A Fowler - Subject Leader 

Mrs L Jones  - (Assistant Head of Sixth Form / Assistant Subject Leader)

Mrs M Chaney Teacher of English

Mrs G Gatfield Teacher of English        

Mr T Guest Teacher of English (Temporary/Maternity Cover)

Mr C Gibbard Teacher of English/Associate Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form)

Mrs J Mountford Teacher of English 

Mrs N Robinson Teacher of English


Mr A Potts - Subject Leader

Mr S Brown

Mrs W Burn

Mrs M Chaney

Mrs J Charlesworth

Mrs G Gatfield

Miss L Harper

Mrs L Jones

Mrs C Lane

Mrs V Merriott

Mrs N Robinson

Mr G Russell



Mr R Allen - Subject Leader 

Mrs C Andrew Teacher of Geography (Maternity Cover)

Mr S Latcham (Temporary/Maternity Cover)

Mr E Plant Teacher of Geography


Mr S Brown Subject Leader 

Mr C Barlow Teacher of History

Mr G Russell Teacher of History

Miss E Woolley Teacher of History


Mr J Hackett - SENCO & Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion and Community

Mr A Piercy - Assistant SENCO   


Ms A Scott Subject Leader

Mr C Else Teacher of Mathematics  (Assistant Subject Leader)

Mr N Everill Assistant Headteacher/ Teacher of Mathematics

Mr J Hackett Assistant Headteacher/SENCO

Mrs H Harrison Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Culverhouse Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs L Pringle HLTA Mathematics

Mrs N Smith Teacher of Mathematics 

Ms D Vijayan Teacher of Mathematics (Director of Excellence in the Classroom)

Mrs C Whittaker Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Brassington (Maternity Cover) Teacher of Mathematics


Miss W Veasey Subject Leader 

Mrs C Lane Teacher of Languages

Mrs E Morton Teacher of Languages 


Mrs M James - Subject Leader 

Mr A Potts Teacher of Drama 


Mr M Cope Subject Leader 

Mr D Bloor  Assistant Headteacher/ Teacher of PE

Mrs S Bromley Teacher of PE

Mrs C Gethin  Teacher of PE

Mr M Culverhouse Teacher of PE

Mr C Else Teacher of PE

Mr A Hulme Teacher of PE    


Ms J Checkley Teacher of Psychology


Mr C Evans Subject Leader in Science/Chemistry Lead

Mrs W Burn Teacher of Science

Mrs I Byatt Teacher of Science

Mrs J Charlesworth Teacher of Science (Assistant Subject Leader)

Mr S Cresswell Teacher of Science

Dr H Floyd Teacher of Science 

Mr E James Teacher of Science (Assistant Subject Leader)

Mr A Piercy Teacher of Science

Mrs K Tubby Teacher of Science

Pastoral STAFF

Mr M Smith - Assistant Headteacher (DSL)

Mr J Hackett - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs H Cuthbert - Pastoral Support Manager - Years 9, 10 & 11

Mrs J Parnell - Pastoral Support Manager - Years 7 & 8

Mrs S Johnson - Attendance Officer

Miss K Jones - Behaviour Support Manager

Mr C Gibbard - Associate Headteacher / Head of Sixth Form

Mrs L Jones - Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs T Lambert - Transitions Manager 

Mrs C Andrew - Pastoral Leader (Maternity Leave)

Mrs J Mountford - Pastoral Leader 

Mrs T Owen - Pastoral Leader Year 7 

Mr S Creswell - Pastoral Leader Year 8

Mr M Culverhouse - Pastoral Leader Year 9

Mrs M Deeming - Pastoral Leader Year 10

Mrs S Dubiel - Pastoral Leader Year 11

Mr T Wait - Pupil Support Officer

Special Education Needs

Mr J Hackett - Assistant Headteacher / SENCO

Mr A Piercy - Assistant SENCO

Mrs H Clarke - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Hodgkinson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Johndrow - Pupil Progress Officer

Mrs L Muir - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Pringle - Teaching Assistant

Mr D Sandford - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Smale - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Terry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Walker - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Woods - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Wright - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Wood - Pupil Progress Officer

Support Staff

Mrs F Allen - Assistant Lab Technician

Mrs H Anthony - Examinations Secretary

Mrs V Buckley - Receptionist & Finance Assistant

Mrs S Bradbury - Administration & Finance Assistant/First Aid

Mrs A Farnell - Office Manager & Health & Safety Officer

Mrs T Grundy - Senior Lab Technician

Mrs L Guo - Data Officer

Mr M Hickinbotham - Cover Supervisor 

Miss D Cooper - Cover Supervisor

Mr R Cooper - Cover Supervisor

Mrs L James - Leadership Support Officer

Mrs C McCracken - Chief Exams Invigilator

Mrs K McCracken - D&T Technician/First Aid

Ms D Mincher - Reprographics Technician/First Aid

Mrs A Price - Assistant ICT Technician 

Mrs V Rainford - SIMS & Post 16 Coordinator

Mrs D Sturgess - Finance Officer 

Mr L Wells - Network Support Manager

Site Team

Mr J Gauntlett - Site Supervisor

Mr D Hopkins - Caretaker 

Mr I Farmer - Caretaker/Minibus Driver


Designated safeguarding lead: Mr M Smith

Deputy designated safeguarding lead: Mrs H Cuthbert and Miss J Parnell


Tutor groups


A list of the 2021-22 tutor groups can be found here